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New brand. New blog. New you. No matter what the purpose, an accurate color scheme is one of the most eloquent ways to communicate your truth. I create sophisticated color palettes for feminine businesses, websites, makeup, fashion, arts and design. My palettes are coordinated and unexpected at the same time, and they will surely turn your projects into real eye-catchers.

BASIC includes a palette with 5 colors and their hex codes. STANDARD includes useful color analysis sheet for each color. PREMIUM includes a Pinterest mood board with visuals that contain your color scheme as the ultimate way for you to feel your palette.

A revision is Extra, and it is a small change on an existing concept. A completely new palette is a new order.


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  • maika

    Fast delivery and really affordable. I had to ask for source information. Not a really scientific approach (i had already found a source on the internet myself and that one was copied verbatim) but good enough for what I need now

    3 years ago
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